Living the 3rd week con mi Botanica amigos

You have to love my quality of making a commitment! Maybe I slacked on how often I would update those that care to read about it but I have not slipped from a plant based diet… well maybe- I did have a few jelly belly beans while working one day. It is still up for discussion exactly what type of sin is hiding inside them but I am going to assume, its without the use of an animal. I think.

So, how do I feel? Without any additional hyperbole- quite nice. The energy level is certainly up and I would say there is a bit more clarity – but is this from the diet or my heightened awareness and maybe even… self-actualization? This experiment led me to read as many books and references as possible and there is a strong placebo effect that occurs when a lifestyle shift is accepted and imprinted. If the change is one that has a physiologic benefit – then at some point the brain decides it is good and furthers the cause. Isn’t that interesting?

Lets talk Diet- what have I been eating? Mainly beans, lentils, chards, eggplant, squash, chickpeas, garbanzo’s, mushrooms, avocados, tomatoes, potatoes, fresh non-lard tortillas, oats, DARK chocolate (yes!) and the entire family of nuts.

It may sound boring but my flavor palate has actually expanded- now it is too the point I am beginning to crave succulent vegetables during the day over my precious pork tacos. There are numerous psychological studies that exercise the law of diminishing returns. One of my food “coaches” suggested that we really love that first bite of a steak, but soon after- that very easily stimulated taste bud is overwhelmed and gets tired. The third bite and on gives you less satisfaction but tends to lead you to try again.

I had some mid-west pals in this week – ready for steak- instead they got a heavy dose of Vegan at Bouldin Creek Cafe. Let’s say they were amazed as I ordered for them- Austin Stir Fry, Tarzan Salad and vegan enchiladas. YUP! delicious.

As for my looks- well, I am still trying to fix my lazy eye but other than that- I have lost a few pounds but have retained all of my strength- maybe even gained some!

There is more to come but thus far- the experiment is finding its way into a state of permanence.

So long for now my friends.

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