Nicholas is going Vegan? Self-experiment #3

Dear followers and clients alike-

One of my favorite themes to discuss with anyone that will listen, is the issue of self-experimentation. Notable health nut and life coach- Timothy Ferris covers a lot of this in a book titled “4-Hour Body”. Although it sounds like a trendy diet book, it most certainly is the opposite. It is a collection of diet, exercise and supplement fads that have permeated America for the last 2 decades and Tim’s mission to uncover the facts as well as the myths.

Well- I think it goes without mention that this concept had a lasting effect on me, how I treat my own body and certainly the advice that I give others. How can you know if things work if you cant see the effect on the best study-control… yourself?! I am good friends with a married couple who practice a vegan diet and lifestyle for that matter so it has always been bouncing around in my head when we go out to eat or just meet for snacks. But what if I really tried it?

What would happen? Would I like it? Would I say goodbye to burgers forever? No more Counter Cafe on Lamar? Would my energy go up? Would my cholesterol drop? Would my long term quality of life outlook improve? WE MUST ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS! If not ourselves, then will we trust another?

So here we are- I am fresh off of reading “The China Study” a long term, comprehensive look at a plant based diet across a large rural population in China as compared to their more meat heavy eastern sea-board patriots. The results were staggering in the amount of cardiovascular disease… as well as the “C” word… Cancer.

Well those types of results are enough to wake me up and at least TRY for a little while. I am devoting the month of April to going Whole Food Plant based with a reduction in overall PROTEIN intake- this is a complete paradigm shift for me so I hope you stay tuned to the daily postings. You can view my diet for the day, my energy level, and other objective measures.

This is not an attempt to change the world or even push a new diet on someone- this is merely a chance to see how your body reacts to changes you did not imagine. Do not let someone else tell you what your limits are- you must discover them for yourself.

Lets do it!

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