Why YOU must be careful with what you read… and a small lesson in cross-reference

I love seaweed. Taste is great and for a mere $1 you can buy a cool little snack at Trader Joe’s that has the taste of seaweed and all these grand nutrients that Yahoo has pointed us –


But wait… sounds too good to be true right? I mean seaweed is that good for you and has “umami”? Why in the hell is this stuff not being served in our public schools? Cheap, abundant, likely has super natural powers thanks to Fukushima Melt down. We could make a new society of X-men by feeding sea”weed” to our kids but wait there’s more…


ahhh man! After all that I was getting so pumped- more iron than meat, sustainable, vegan and packed with Omega 3’s? oh well… at least there is Umami or maybe I could just…

Cheers my Friends!

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