Generally speaking

At Paz Vet we do it all, Why wouldn’t you? We are a full service veterinary practice that incorporates all styles and modes of medicine. We will research and implement whatever it takes to get your pet healthy, happy and hanging out with you again. As you can see below- every facet is covered but what is more important is the style and grace of how you practice. Do you always need all of these modes? Do you have to do it all right now? At Paz Animal Collective, we work hard to understand you, your loved one and the best course or action for your lifestyle. The difference? We spend the time because we love what we do.

Mobile Services

Do you have a cat that just does NOT dig the ride around the block or perhaps an older dog that would just prefer to hang out in the front yard? Call us up- we started as a mobile service in 2009 and Dr. Vaughan gets the most pleasure out of visiting you and your loved one in your home setting. Less anxiety and a lot more fun- see how this unique service can work for you. Mobile offerings include basic vaccines, behavioral consults, minor diagnostics and home-euthanasia. Give us a call and let one of our lovely friends at the front desk know that you are seeking a mobile visit. We try to accommodate mobile calls on Thursday and Friday afternoon and fill up quickly.

Internal medicine

Paz approaches each client as an individual as opposed to a sub-category mentioned in a scientific paper. Its obvious that each of us are unique and so are our pets- even though the underlying physiology is similar. Not all Labradors eat the same food, not all kitty cats live indoors. Comprehensive exams and evaluations are priority and they are complemented with the best diagnostic tests and procedures. Whether its an endocrine disease – diabetes, thyroid imbalance, Cushings, Addison’s or a mysterious infectious disease, it is our mission to help you find the answers and the appropriate treatment.

We proudly use Antech diagnostic labs and typically have results within 24 hours. Antech specializes in diagnostics and invests heavily in cutting edge innovative equipment that gives us more complete answers as well as a second or third opinion when it comes to solving mysterious disease.

Vaccines and Preventative Medicine

Vaccines are a hot button topic in many medical circles- you can find a handful of doctors from either camp: Vaccinate for everything and don’t vaccinate at all. As with most things in life- there is a happy medium between these two camps and with proper risk assessment, we can find exactly what fits your baby’s needs best. All of our Rabies vaccines are Thimeserol free which means they are free of any hard metals added to the vaccine. The core vaccines we choose for dogs are for Distemper and Parvo without additional flu types that are typically not effective. This means we target the issues that most dogs face and leave the antigens out that are not necessary in all cases. Our feline vaccines are of the “PureVax” brand- longer lasting, better safety and fewer reactions. It’s a more complicated conversation than you might have thought but with our education process, we make it easy and safe.

Holistic Medicine

have you ever wondered where drugs come from in the first place? Most pharmaceuticals are developed based on natural treatments already in place, and around for thousands of years, so if there is a particular case where a natural approach will work and save risk of side-effects- why not pursue this methodology?


our featured man of the East, Dr. Clay Bernard offers the coolest vibe and a great energy when performing acupuncture. He was trained at the challenging Chi Institute by great masters of Eastern Medicine. His full bio can be found on The Team Page or at his personal website- EvenFlow Acupuncture. Clay offers both in house and mobile services.

Animal Wellbeing and psychology

Most clients have never had an opportunity to be educated on animal wellness and how maintaining good mental happiness translates to happy and more fit pet. Whether its an indoor Maine Coon or an Aussie Sheppard that has no Cattle to corral, understanding your pet’s needs is vital in helping your pet thrive and be happy in your home.


All of our doctors are skilled and confident surgeons and can handle all of the procedures that are common in general practice- tumor removal, laceration repair, spay and neuter. For those complicated cases that require more hands or fancy equipment, we have partnered with two excellent mobile vets that will come to us when we are in need.

Pain management and rehab therapy

A service that sets us apart from other philosophies in veterinary medicine. Long gone are the days that our animals do not feel visceral pain so at Paz we strive to make sure there are no underlying challenges prior to surgery and after surgery, every measure is taken to make sure your loved one is pain free and at peak condition for recovery. Surgery without rehab means the job is only half way complete.


Hey, its Austin Texas and we are known for more than one allergen in these parts. So whether its flea allergies, pemphigus foliaceus, or a nasty skin infection picked up from the Barton Springs- we will spot it, treat it and have your baby ready to head back out to Zilker without the embarrassing itch.

Radiology and Ultrasound

We have the latest technology with digital X-ray which make the procedure faster, more accurate and with the ability to share it with other radiologists world wide. We also offer dental radiology so we can see what is happening beneath the surface as periodontal disease can involve gum and the bone-
dogs and cats like to smile too!
All of the doctors are trained on body scanning and tumor detection with ultrasonography. This is an added benefit to our senior pet screens in an effort to detect anything irregular both inside and out!

Other services

We offer the latest in-house diagnostics as well, whether it’s a blood scan, cytology (looking at cells in microscope), eye evaluations, neurologic testing and behavioral awareness, Paz has the technology and know-how to uncover some of the most unusual cases.