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There is a lot of mystique baked into being a doctor these days. A lot of frustration, fear and mistrust can find its way into a veterinary practice because we call ourselves doctors and medicine feels scary. But what if you could walk into a clinic and feel ease instead of dis-ease from the beginning? What if you could visualize the healing process already taking place by taking the first step of coming in? How would that help you and your animal friend if you felt comfortable from the beginning of the process?

Our staff at PAZ Veterinary understands how challenging a hospital environment can be; there is grief, guilt, fear, and suffering when confronted with injury or illness. These emotions can deter us from finding out the best course of action, so from the moment you walk into the waiting room, we want to relieve that anxiety and take it from you and your pet. The first step of healing is believing, and every step we take along the way gets us one step closer to optimum health. Let’s put anxiety behind us and reach a healthy life – together.

We take our time with each patient and educate you along the way. We do this so you can understand what is happening and be guided on the best possible choices. We want you to understand the treatments so you feel confident, which in turn enhances compliance and leads to the best possible outcomes. Treating disease is more than offering a pill or making an incision; it is understanding how and why and what it will take to make it better. We’re here to help you understand.