Our story begins in 2011 when Dr. Nicholas Vaughan began providing excellent, concierge-style mobile veterinary services. We quickly became a practice in which clients were remembered, celebrated for being weird and fun, and most importantly, respected for what they wanted to achieve with wellness in their four-legged friends. Over the years, ATX pet parents fell in love with Dr. Vaughan and his personal, tailored approach to veterinary medicine. As word of mouth grew, so did we.

2014 marks the year that Corner Vet was born. In a charming, homey office on the east side, pet parents had a wonderful new place to bring their fur babies. Our clients quickly learned they not only receive excellent veterinary care from us, but great customer service from fun, friendly, hip ATX staff. After two straight years of being awarded Austin’s Best Vet, we decided to open our second practice.

In May of 2017, we opened the doors of our beautiful second practice on South 1st, and rebranded to PAZ Veterinary. While the name and logos changed, our standard of care and customer service excellence have continued to far exceed clients’ expectations. We’re proudly a Texas family owned and operated business, and couldn’t have asked for better love and support than what the ATX community has offered us. We’re incredibly happy and excited to be a part of you and your pets’ life journeys, and hope to keep your pets happy and healthy for years to come. PAZ – “peace” to all!


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Who is PAZ Veterinary and how did this come about? New name? Same folks? What is going on here? Back in 2011, Corner Vet was born with Dr. Nicholas Vaughan and head tech, Jordan Fisher. They traveled all over Austin seeing some of the more challenging behavioral cases in central Austin, and for the most part, they were on every “corner.” Dr. Vaughan was still consulting full time for multiple pet food companies until the pull of full-time practice not only became strong, it became a necessity.

Dr. Vaughan and Jordan’s practice quickly grew to over 500 clients – a group that taught us people appreciate a slower, more tailored approach to veterinary medicine. We became a practice in which clients were remembered, celebrated for being weird and most importantly, respected for what they wanted to achieve with wellness in their four-legged (and occasionally feathered) friends.

Through this movement, the first brick and mortar entity of Corner Vet opened on the vibrant corridor of East Cesar Chavez. Not only did the East Austin residents welcome us with open arms, they helped create an exciting buzz about what Corner Vet was embarking on when it came to excellent customer service, respect, and patient care. An emphasis was placed on understanding disease from the ground up. Understanding how diet, stress, anxiety, or adjusting a dog’s or cat’s lifestyle affects their health can be difficult at first glance. Through education and dedicated consultation, we’ve equipped clients with more knowledge on how to tackle existing problems and prevent future illness. We meticulously crafted a practice that meets any need brought our way, remaining hip and holistic.

We found ourselves in a place where our name, Corner Vet, still represented the brand of our business, but not the brand of our medicine. We rebranded, and PAZ Veterinary has grown to 10 skilled veterinarians with vastly different backgrounds and over 50 employees, all dedicated to compassionate care of your pet. We are a collective of animal lovers and people-people. Honesty, pride, and compassion is the spirit in which we all operate. ATX is diggin’ our vibe.

In the spring of 2017, we opened our second location in the heart of South Austin on a street that is steeped in keeping Austin more than weird, but connected. Connected through art, connected through music, connected through passion, and connected through love of community. This realization allowed us to evolve our brand, our concepts, and how we hope to be viewed – through Peace. Although it took us some time with help from local artists, clients, and friends, our new name completely represents our core – to provide PEACE to all! We are a collection of different minds and different styles but our mission is unified – to give each client and each beautiful creature peace on Earth.

Ultimately, we want the health of your pet to be one less challenging decision, allowing you to enjoy and cherish an effortless relationship that will last you a lifetime. Thank you for helping us become PAZ! As we continue to grow, we remain humbled and forever grateful for your support!