A giant, warm hello from PAZ Animal Collective! We aim to break the mold of stuffy and impersonal veterinary care. We dream big, love everyone, have fun at work, and excel TOGETHER. We are not just a veterinary company, but a vision. We love animals of all species and breeds, as well as humans of all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. We strive to exceed expectations and sweep our clients off their feet with our superb customer service and tailored veterinary care. Our focus is on being a place of comfort for our clients and pets, in sickness and in health. Peace is in our name and our hearts – PAZ, peace to all!

ATX is loving the veterinary care we’re providing! Because of this, we’re growing and looking for friendly, pet-loving humans to join our vet tech team. You’ll be responsible for concierge-style customer service and impeccable patient care. You’ll work in tandem with our receptionists and veterinarians to provide our clients and patients with excellent veterinary experiences in a loving and welcoming environment.

View our open career opportunities for all four Paz locations:

Career Opportunities


Wait! How did you end up here? You are either quite curious or a budding vet student hoping to move to a cool town for a minute and learn some amazing things along the way. An externship/preceptorship period is one of the most rewarding classes that you can attend at Veterinary College. Not only do you get to practice what you have been learning, but you also continue your education. Aspects of medicine are enhanced but beyond that, Paz Vet works to enrich your perception of the world, the people around you and the pets that you treat.

Our extern program will introduce you to basic surgeries, referral surgeries, ultrasound, venipuncture techniques, greeting clients, treating patients, learning how to build a flow, creating an environment conducive to cooperative work and finally, the great city of Austin and its downtown enclaves. Below are some of our past externs and their experiences. Want to know more?

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