Some like it Hot…Robert Palmer and Paz Vet thumbs up!

SOME LIKE IT HOT! (can you hear the bongos?) robert-plant-corbis-630-80When its hot, its usually humid and when its humid (which is 100% of the time in Austin) you can bet that you will have a visit from useless insect #2 with a sharp-straw for a mouth (nerd fact= its a proboscis). Tha Mosquito!

But First… name another song by The Power Station! (Robert Palmer solo moves do NOT count)Doubt you can do it so just check out the moves here and let it be your Heartworm musical reminder for the tips below.

Heartworms: here I go again… thinking everyone went to vet school and was well educated on the worm’s life cycle. Turns out, I was wrong… again. Yes, sometimes even the doctor can get a little pretentious and outside his or her lane but rest assured, we can admit it. We have been diagnosing at least two a week at a steady clip so please, please, please come in and get tested. If they are negative, get your babies on something, anything but preferably an approved preventative by the American Heartworm Society. If you see mosquitoes out, then the risk is there so keep your baby safe and if you are looking for a good natural mosquito repellant try the following

  • planting as many citronella plants as possible in your outdoor chill area alongside herbs- lemon balm, catnip and basil
  • try some natural oils- lemon balm, thyme oil, lavender or you can make your own lemon eucalyptus oil mix. You can create your own mixture with one part lemon eucalyptus oil to 10 parts sunflower oil. This is generally safe in most animals in small amounts.
  • There are numerous sound/sonar repellants along with good ole tiki torches, smoke and of course fans
  • Empty any sitting water around your house. Check everywhere- old planting pots, dog dishes, Frisbees, children’s toys. Anywhere! Even check your weird yard items that didn’t make the above list
  • More than anything- do not buy into the hype on the webs about preventatives causing death in animals. They have been out for decades and offered more lives saved than lives lost. Be responsible with any drug use and administration and discuss with your vet.

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