Thunderstorm v. the Thunderdome- what to do with that anxious cutie

Hey guys, what’s up? You new to Austin? If so, here is the deal… we get some pretty nasty thunderstorms around this time of year and they typically last through May. So there are some things you should know about anxiety and how its linked to rumbling of nature! Obviously, many dogs have no idea what the heck thunder is and a cat can’t quite comprehend the meaning of lightning. In that sense, it’s a lot like our ancestral cave men when they envisioned such delights… is it GOD?? So not only is there a disconnect with the connectedness of nature… but there is also a frequency and tremor that occurs with thunder that can shake a dog’s core. Literally! “A thunderstorm isn’t just one thing. It includes a darkening sky; humid air; the smell of ozone; changes in barometric pressure; wind and rain; lightning; and thunder, including thunder so distant humans can’t hear it. We can, sort of, replicate some of these, but not all — and what we can’t replicate, we can’t work with systematically. “

You do want to soothe but not to the extent that the pet relies on your soothing for total calm. Remember, you can’t always be there and the last thing you want is a pet that can’t cope. Try other things as well… distraction (White noise during storm, low volume soothing music, walking in the rain and running in the rain before it gets dangerous, a treat every time a thunder pops)… redirecting works well for anyone! You want to teach your pet when it needs to be cautious and this is a further illustration of how much that pet feels confident. Don’t forget the many lessons that Dr. V has pushed on leash training and how that is the grounding force in a balanced relationship.

On this blog we have some ideas but at times, you may need some chemical assistance… and don’t we all? It is better to admit than to live in anxiety so if you do need some help from extracts, meds, etc.- CALL NOW – you need to BE SEEN BY A DOCTOR before we administer any medications. My favorite idea is to get on Green Tea Extract in February and stay on it through May. It has little to ZERO side effects and adds some other cool effects along the way, including increasing metabolism. We also have other calming meds that can be used in spot situations but you need to visit with doctor first to learn about how they work and titrating dosages. My FAVORITE WORKING TRICK- was shared with me by the one and only GB Khalsa (midwife extraordinaire and awesome Austinite)… take yoga pants (she prefers black) and tie them around your dogs head and over the ears, and tie under the chin. IT ABSOLUTELY WORKS! It calms the sound and vibration of the thunder and it makes them feel HUGGED and secure.

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